Daiso Fishing Line as Tippet Substitute

Daiso 1.5 Nylon Fishing Line
Daiso 1.5 Nylon Fishing Line

Why am I proposing to use fishing line from Daiso, a Japanese "dollar" store, as a substitute for tenkara fly fishing tippet?

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The reason is it's ridiculous affordability. Daiso's Nylon Line sells for $1.75 for 200ft (60m). An "equivalent" brand name tippet, like Scientific Anglers, would sell for $11 for 100ft (30m). Daiso's fishing line is 13 times cheaper than your average western fly fishing tippet!

BTW- Daiso uses Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association (JAFTMA) standard

Daiso has limited "tippet" options in terms of size (no. 1 and no. 0.8). Their line no. 0.8 is in between 5x and 6x tippet. It's breaking strength is rated for 3lb while 5x is 4.75lb and 6x is 3.5lb. It's diameter is 0.14mm (0.0055"), which is also in between 5x (0.006") and 6x (0.005"). Daiso Nylon Line no. 1 is in between 3x and 4x tippet. It's breaking strength is 4lb, with a diameter of 0.165mm (0.0065").

I made an approximation table to easily compare Japanese line sizes vs Western tippet sizes. The rows highlighted in green indicate "almost as strong" equivalents for tippet sizes.

Japanese Line Size (Gou)Tippet Diameter (inch)Strength in lbsWestern Tippet SizeTippet Diameter (inch)Strength in lbs


Western tippets are stronger but lighter and thinner, allowing for a better presentation with fly rods.

Western tippets will float, or sink very slowly. Heavier lines will sink faster. I find that these lighter fishing lines still float well enough as a substitute. They do not splash and spook fish.

Western tippets are thin enough that fish can't notice them when fishing deeper. I can't say the same about the cheaper alternative.

In Japanese, the Daiso fishing line's labels clearly say they are leader lines. They sort of match the specifications for 5x (same size but weaker), so I am happy creek fishing with these as my "tippet".

Obviously Daiso fishing lines are not a 1:1 comparison, and not a direct replacement for the usual tippet. I really like the price point of the "cheaper" lines, even with their cons.

What do you think about this suggestion? Would you try a cheaper fishing line from a dollar store to save costs on tippet?


Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association (JAFTMA) standard

Orvis' Tippet Chart

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